Wise Group Business Networking Opportunities !

• Casual contact networks – The Wise group will be holding
regular meetings with a variety of business groups from
various overlapping professions to work together.

• Strong contact networks – strong contact referral groups.
Some of these groups will meet weekly, typically for breakfast
at the Wise Group. Most of these groups limit membership to
one member per profession or specialty.

• Community service clubs – their activities are focused on
service to the community. However, in the course of giving
time and effort to civic causes, you form lasting relationships
that broaden and deepen your personal and business

• Professional associations – Professional association
members tend to be from one specific type of industry, such as
banking, architecture, personnel, accounting or health. The
primary purpose of a professional association is to exchange
information and ideas.

• Online/social media networks – from a business
perspective, the ideal use for social media is to build your
brand and your credibility with the people you’re connected to
by providing value for your connections and followers. We’re
working to build an online community of co workers to network
on a 24/7 basis.

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