Our Story

Wise Group is a family run business, which we have owned the premises for over 20 years.
Our journey started when used to be known as Wiseaction Ltd, this was a furniture business.
Wiseaction Ltd used to import many ranges from different areas; South America, Australia and many different remote locations across Asia. In particular we were known for our Porto, Pine and Wexford range, and even the Hamilton. Wise Action Ltd in the strongest years were selling over 500 containers but were very good at keeping with trends and colours, which the Range was a big customer and had many internationals customers too.

As the Recession happened in 2007, it slowly started to affect our trade as people were
Downsizing and buying less furniture. As we started selling through ranges and doing less repeats from suppliers, we found that we started to gain space in our 100,000 Sq. site. We started looking for alternative revenue streams, this is where our next chapter comes from.

Wiseaction Ltd started letting large amounts of our warehouse out, ESK discount chain started using our site for their distribution site. We then saw the demand growing, we furthered this by renting 40ft containers out to the public, which we couldn’t keep up with the growth of the business. At this point we decided to change the business name from Wiseaction Ltd to Hasting’s Wise Storage.

Over 10 years this has grown, Hasting’s Wise Storage has now built many different sizes and now working at 99% capacity. We found our self-having many different offices empty, we used to use for the many staff that worked for furniture business. We have spent now £250,000 on refurbishment on these offices, we have tried to make a London vibe in Hastings, and this is where The Wise Group got created.

The Wise Group?

The Wise Group is hoping to be the main business centre for Hasting’s with access to offices, hot desking and meeting facilities including storage facilities is the perfect answer for upcoming business keen for growth. The business specialises in all these four elements and willingness to work with local charities in a partnerships to help provide Hastings with the local community and associations in fourth coming future.

At the Wise Group we encourage co-workers to network between themselves using our soon to be famous Chill Out Room with arcade machines, ping pong and table football.
We are aiming to hold at least one event a month, which you can see via our fb and website to push networking and give a chance to bring colleagues and friends anyone with an interest in the business to these open events.